B2C Online Reservation Module

etour B2C Module – Online and Real Time Reservation System for tourism services (for your agency website)

etour WebAgent is a B2C online reservation system which offers you the opportunity of selling the tourism services like hotel, vehicle, transfer, tour on your website as online and real time.

Visitors of your website make reservation, and complete payment of the reservation safely (SSL credit card encryption system) through the online reservation system entegrated to your website by us.

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CMS | Content Management System

etour CMS is a module which helps you to manage the contents of tourism websites. You can easily change the content of online reservation portal via etour CMS. etour CMS offers you dynamic content management.

etour CMS is a Website Content Management System offering you sale of tourism services with the latest software developments. etour CMS meets the needs of tourism companies. Etour CMS is specifically designed for the companies that aims to sell multiple tourism services online simultaneously.

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B2B Online Reservation Module

eTour B2B Module (Business-to-Business Sale Module)

Online and Real Time Reservation System for your Business Partners and Sub-Agencies

Safe access to Agency Automation System for your business partners and sub-agencies with username and password

Multilingual system

At the time of saling reservation services for your business partners and sub-agencies

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“Real-time Management & Distribution System for Tourism Services”

etour Automation is a unique system, which comprises of comprehensive booking engines for Air, Hotel, and Activities. The booking engine uses a shopping cart format to give a seamless flow to search & multiple booking scenarios as well as support both manuel packaging and dynamic packaging features. It is the ‘smart and simple’ travel software, which monetize and expand your business.

Automation System for Agencies and Tour Operators

  • Etour is a platform of management of tourism services and reservations. Agencies and tour operators can manage and sell tourism services efficiently via etour system.
  • Etour is automation system which enable to check not only outgoing but also incoming needs of an agency online and as client server. Tour Operators and Agencies can organize activities in their offices, and offer online reservation of their tourism services via using the below modules.

etour Automation offers:

  1. Hotel Module
  2. Boat Rental Module
  3. Charter Module
  4. CarRental Module
  5. Excursion Module
  6. Sealines
  7. Transfer Module
  8. Vacation Module
  9. Cruise Module
  10. Package Tour Management
  11. Third Party XML connection


General Info for etour Automation

  • etour Automation combines tourism services in one point and offers the opportunities below:
    1. Manage advertising and marketing activities efficiently
    2. Manage reservations and financial works easily
    3. Provide real time connection with 3rd party systems via XML connection
    4. Daily operational works
  • Specific features of of etour System are as the following:
    1. Organization of travel Services (Etour)
    2. Delivery and management of tourism services as online and real time (Travel Distribution System)
    3. Efficient Customer Management via etour CRM
    4. Dynamic Content Management via etour CMS
    5. XML interface with 3rd party systems
    6. Management of reservation and sale
    7. Management of Accounting and Financial Works (Billing and Obtaining Voucher)
    8. Latest Technology for Programming Language and Software

Technologies offered by Technical Infrastructure of etour System are as the following:

  • SQL Server Database
  • IIS and Apache Web Server
  • Web Application Server & Programming Language ColdFusion
  • HTML, FLASH, JAVA, Java Script