Advantages of etour

“Real-time Management & Distribution System for Tourism Services” Advantages of etour Efficient tour operator automation and efficient source management Direct and quick reservation Offers detailed proposals, increase the sales Increase Customer Satisfaction Save time and cost Quick instruction for end … Continue reading

CMS | Content Management System

etour CMS is a module which helps you to manage the contents of tourism websites. You can easily change the content of online reservation portal via etour CMS. etour CMS offers you dynamic content management. etour CMS is a Website … Continue reading

CRM | Customer Relationship Manager

etour CRM | CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGER: etour CRM is customer relationship manager for tourism companies. etour CRM provides not only advertising, marketing, customer support management but also ensure coordination among the staff of the company. etour CRM appealing to tourism … Continue reading

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Etour Platform

Advantages of etour CMS | Content Management System CRM | Customer Relationship Manager Ferry XML

XML | Software Interface

Don’t you sell tourism services in your agency via direct contract? Do you still obtain some of these tourism services through 3rd party wholesalers? Etour XML is the interface you are looking for. Etour offers you software connection with 3rd … Continue reading

Transfer XML | transferCRS

etour Transfer XML provides the opportunity to check the rates and make Real-time transfer reservations by retrieving transfer services from the important providers like Asia, Europe and America. etour Transfer XML is a module that helps to follow and centrally … Continue reading

Charter & Flight XML

etour Charter XML is an application which is managing software interface with the companies providing 3rd party charter flights. Using etour Charter XML, you can sell flight tickets of your business partners as real time and online through your office, … Continue reading


You can rent car of your business partners using etour CarCRS XML which offers you XML connection with 3rd party rent a car companies. Etour CarCRS XML supports etour Rent-A-Car Module. For your inter-office, call center, B2B partners, and B2C … Continue reading