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Ferry XML

etour Ferry XML is a webservice that offers the chance of checking rate and making reservation with ferry companies in domestic and international ferry lines through  XML interface.
etour Ferry XML provides selling the seaway and ferry tickets through the system for the ones that you have an contract with. For this feature there must be a contract for direct-connect with the seaway companies .
etour Ferry XML gathers the information of rate and availability about all domestic and international ferry routes via ForthCRS, OpenSeas and SeaOnLine systems and it offers you the chance of selling tickets.
The ticketing and the sale of ferry and sea bus tours whose rates are taken from etour

Ferry XML can be made through the channels below:

  • Interoffice – Call Center
  • B2B (Business-To-Business)  sub-agencies and your partners.
  • B2C Online Sale –  ticketing and selling ferry and sea bus tours through your website

Consequently, it is possible to arrange E-Ticket via etour Ferry XML and it provides access to the XML interface of Ferry and Sea bus reservations.