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You can rent car of your business partners using etour CarCRS XML which offers you XML connection with 3rd party rent a car companies. Etour CarCRS XML supports etour Rent-A-Car Module.
For your inter-office, call center, B2B partners, and B2C sales you can use etour CarCRS XML in order to get information of vehicle facilities, rate and availability from the system of your business partners via XML connection. Etour Rent A Car offers you real time follow –up of rent a car information. If you want, you can define different commission rate for your sub-agencies, and enable them to rent a car with different rates.

Rent a car via XML connection in Global Delivery System (CarGDS):

CarCRS is a Global Delivery System for Rent A Car which meets about 450 provider all around the world. This system not only provides real time rate and availability search for 3rd wholesalers, tour operators, GDS and internet system provider but also Central Reservation System for rent a car reservation from the center office.

Rent-A-Car Companies can organize priority of their vehicles, and vehicles taken from 3rd party channels via etour Rent – A-Car Module.
Online Search Engine for Rent-A-Car works with etour Rent –A-Car Module. You can present your vehicles online for B2B sales and your B2C website.