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XML | Software Interface

Don’t you sell tourism services in your agency via direct contract? Do you still obtain some of these tourism services through 3rd party wholesalers?
Etour XML is the interface you are looking for. Etour offers you software connection with 3rd party systems and online and real time sale of your business partners.

  • Global delivery of tourism services via XML (WebService) connections
  • Rate, availability information as online and real time and reservation synchronization via XML connection
    • Direct data transfer from providers and wholesalers via XML connection
    • Sale of your products to your sub-agencies via XML connection
    • XML connection compatible with OTA (Open Travel Alliance)

etour XML offers you connection with the followings:

  • Interface for hotel reservations; hotelspro, hotelbeds, GDS, Amadeus, Galileo,, Turkeyf CRS, Expedia
  • GDS Flight Reservations: Flight ticket via XML connection like Amadeus, Galileo GDS
  • Charter Flights and IATA Airports: Ticketing
  • CarCRS: Rent A Car interface with Car Trawler for car rental all around the world
  • ForthCRS XML: XML connection for sea way and ferry tickets (İDO etc)
  • XML interface for accounting and financial programmes

etour XML works in connection with each etour module and related etour module should be used.

  1. etour Hotel XML
    Via etour Hotel XML interface you can sell the products taken from the wholesaler in the office, call center and via B2B and B2C systems
    You can make reservation from 3rd party providers like YouTravel, Special Tours, WebHotelier, Turkeyf CRS, RoomView, TRS, hotelspro, hotelbeds, Deltanet via etour Hotel XML. Etour Hotel XML is compatible with etour Hotel Reservation Module.
    The system unites the hotels that you work with direct contract, and the hotels that we buy from your partner via XML interface connection within etour Hotel Module. Therefore, it offers the best rate to your staff and your customers and opportunity to compare them. You can sell the products in the office, call center and via B2B and B2C systems.
    If you want, you can give different markups and net rates to different sub-agencies. Working as integrated with etour Operator Module, Etour Hotel XML aims to sell hotels more efficiently.

    • Getting hotel from GDS via XML connection
    • Getting hotel from portals like, Expedia, hotelbeds via XML
    • Efficient rate comparison and finding the best hotel with best rate
    • Searching hotel by city
    • Hotel reservation to your sub-agencies via your interface or XML
  2. etour CarCRS XML
    You can rent car of your business partners using etour CarCRS XML which offers you XML connection with 3rd party rent a car companies. Etour CarCRS XML supports etour Rent-A-Car Module.
    For your inter-office, call center, B2B partners, and B2C sales you can use etour CarCRS XML in order to get information of vehicle facilities, rate and availability from the system of your business partners via XML connection. Etour Rent A Car offers you real time follow –up of rent a car information. If you want, you can define different commission rate for your sub-agencies, and enable them to rent car with different rates.

    • Rent a car via XML connection in Global Delivery System (CarGDS);CarCRS is a Global Delivery System for Rent A Car which meets about 450 providers all around the world. This system not only provides real time rate and availability search for 3rd wholesalers, tour operators, GDS and internet system provider but also Central Reservation System for rent a car reservation from the center office.

    Rent-A-Car Companies can organize priority of their vehicles, and vehicles taken from 3rd party channels via etour Rent – A-Car Module.
    Online Search Engine for Rent-A-Car works with etour Rent –A-Car Module. You can present your vehicles online for B2B sales and your B2C website..

  3. etour Charter & Flight XML
    etour Charter XML is an application which managing software interface with the companies providing 3rd party charter flights. Using etour Charter XML, you can sell flight tickets of your business partners as real time and online through your office, call center, B2B and B2C sales.

    • GDS Flight Ticket Connection: Amadeus, Galileo Flight XML connection
    • Connection with Low-cost Airlines: etc EasyJet
    • Charter Flights of 3rd Party Providers
    • Connection with Wholesalers : Multicom connection
    • Access to Airlines offering Charter Flight more than 2.000 and Low Cost Airline

    Real target of etour Charters XML is to reach all the providers, offer the best rate for flight ticket, give knowledge about the availability of the flights, enter real time and online rate and availability and record the mentioned flights to etour Charter Module.

    You can enter different commission rates, ticket rate, tax using Etour Charters XML which supports etour Charter Module
    You can use Galileo GDS and Amadeus GDS XML connection to sell ticket of all airlines which are member of IATA, make a real time and online search for availability and rate. You can make online reservation and ticketing.
    Flights taken to your system via etour Charters XML can be sold through:

    • your office
    • B2B sub-agencies and business partners
    • B2C website

    You can also check charter flight enrolled to your company and share the availability of them with your agencies These flights can be combined with your tour packages.

  4. etour Transfer XML | transferCRS
    etour Transfer XML provides the opportunity to check the rates and make transfer reservation as Real Time by making transfer from the important providers like Asia, Europe and America.
    etour Transfer XML is a module that helps to follow and centrally manage the transfers that come from all 3rd Party Channels .

    • Direct check from the transfer providers via XML connection
    • Provide the sale of transfer services to your sub-agencies
    • etour Transfer XML works in harmony with etour Transfer Module
    • Central Reservation system to display transfer reservations
    • Each reservation is listed in a detailed way on the reservation screen.
    • The opportunity to login the Supplier Module with a password and to define their own transfers and enter rates when it is necessary for the transfer firms.
    • Transfer Sale to your sub-agencies and partners via webservice
    • Defining different markups and net rates for your sub-agencies and partners.
  5. etour Ferry XML
    etour Ferry XML is a webservice that offers the chance of checking rate and making reservation with ferry companies in domestic and international ferry lines through XML interface.
    etour Ferry XML provides selling the seaway and ferry tickets through the system for the ones that you have an contract with. For this feature there must be a contract for direct-connect with the seaway companies .
    etour Ferry XML gathers the information of rate and availability about all domestic and international ferry routes via ForthCRS, OpenSeas and SeaOnLine systems and it offers you the chance of selling tickets.
    The ticketing and the sale of ferry and sea bus tours whose rates are taken from etour Ferry XML can be made through the channels below:

    • Interoffice – Call Center
    • B2B (Business-To-Business) sub-agencies and your partners.
    • B2C Online Sale – ticketing and selling ferry and sea bus tours through your website

    Consequently, it is possible to arrange E-Ticket via etour Ferry XML and it provides access to the XML interface of Ferry and Sea bus reservations.